29th Annual
Chincoteague Island Blueberry Festival
July 22-24, 2016 · 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Chincoteague Center · 6155 Community Dr.
Chincoteague Island VA ·23336
For more info: 757-894-2334

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Chincoteague – Ponies, Beaches, and Family Fun

by: Sam Serio Mother Nature made horses, and Mother Nature made ponies. But Mother Nature also made a remarkably tough, intelligent, and beautiful breed of horses whose small stature has meant that they are universally referred to as ponies, and turned them loose to roam the shores and wilds of Assateague Island, Virginia. Today, however, they known as the Chincoteague Island ponies, for the Virginia…

The Historic Eastern Shore of Virginia

By Sam Serio The peninsula known as the Eastern Shore of Virginia is made up of two counties, Accomack and Northampton. It is about seventy miles in length, extending from the town of New Church, Virginia to Cape Charles, Virginia. The widest parts of the peninsula are about eight miles.  The country is flat and sandy. On the east the breakers of the Atlantic dash…

Chincoteague Island

Beautiful Land Across the Water Native American tribes were thriving on what is now Virginia’s Eastern Shore for more than twenty centuries when Captain John Smith arrived in 1607. One of these tribes, led by Chief Barabokees and Emperor Waskawampe, had claimed as their own an island five miles off the Virginia coast, calling it Chincoteague, or “The Beautiful Land across the Water.” The Assateague…

How Blueberries Fight Disease

One of nature’s biggest mysteries is how the same oxygen on which we depend to keep us alive can also be one of the major contributors to our eventual aging and decline. Why? Our bodies perform like furnaces. Their fuel is the food we eat, and the “heat” they produce is the energy that powers everything we do–even those cellular functions of which we are…

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