In recent months, blueberries have been regularly hitting the news as the super food of the moment. Experts everywhere have been espousing their virtues as the research reports confirming their amazing properties have rolled in. However, those reports only served to confirm what health experts have known for years as a result of their ancestors. Blueberries have been used for food, medicine and home made beauty products since Columbus first discovered America in 1492 so there extraordinary health benefits are nothing new.

One area of research that is worth noting though concerns the blueberry and improved memory. US universities have been testing the blueberry to confirm that the fruit has a dramatic yet positive impact on mental health and fitness. However, it was the University of Barcelona that succeeded in proving that there is a correlation between blueberry consumption and an improved memory. Their findings are simply astonishing.

The experiment behind the blueberry for improved memory study was actually performed on rats. All rats were older and had experienced some form of metal degeneration. They were fed blueberries for two months and by the end of that period, they were moving much more quickly and had much improved coordination and balance. The blueberries had actually stimulated the growth of new brain cells to replace those that had been lost, and the fruit can have the same impact on us humans!

Blueberries contain compounds and substance called antioxidants, which are also known as anthocyanins. They have many great properties but can really help to improve any individual’s memory. The rats fed the blueberries were found to have those substances in their brains, whereas the rats that were not fed the blueberries didn’t. It effectively crosses the blood/brain barrier and settles in the centres of the brain that enable us to learn and remember details. Even if your brain is old and tired, blueberries can revitalize it and effectively reverse the aging process!

It is hoped that blueberries can be used for their properties in the future as a cure for mental degenerative conditions and illnesses such as dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease. Although it is not yet known what actually causes those illnesses, the age-defying blueberries may be developed into a substance that can treat it at its root. If it can improve memory and reverse the effects of age, why can’t it do the same for people that are going through more severe forms of the aging process? Only time will tell!

Who would have thought that the blueberry could enable an old dog to learn new tricks? They not only prevent free radicals within our bodies from attacking and breaking down cells, but they can also replace what has been lost with age. They can even improve the memory above and beyond what it was capable off before. Of course, this is the result of a cumulative effect that has to be built up over a period of time, but it appears that anything is possible with the blueberry. It is truly a super food!

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