If you are one of the many people out there who vow to start a diet every Monday morning but find yourself slipping after just a few hours, you need to revolutionize your diet! Diets are incredibly hard to stick to if you do not find the right combination of food to tantalize your taste buds because it is easy to get bored. However, I would like to offer you a solution – the blueberry!

The blueberry is high on the list of the healthiest foods you could eat and has been for centuries. The amount of goodness that is packed into the blueberry is unique in the fruit world and could actively enhance your health and well being in so many ways. The blueberry is high in fibre, packed with antioxidants to fight free radicals within your body, low in calories and, best of all, is completely fat free! One serving of blueberries, about 140g in weight, can therefore provide the same health benefits as three of four apples.

This information may come as a shock to most people because restaurants and cafes have become adept at using blueberries in more unhealthy snacks in the last fifty years or so. This undoubtedly overshadows the blueberry’s healthy properties. For example, if asked to think of blueberry foods, most individuals would automatically think of muffins, pies, cobbler and the few blueberries that come with a chocolate-filled pancake at the local diner! However, if you can see past that, you will undoubtedly be able to stick to any healthy diet of your choosing!

Eating blueberries on a regular basis can revitalize your system, especially if you eat them for breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it serves to get your metabolism going, thus enabling your body to burn more calories and fat over the course of the day. Obviously this will not work if you then eat fried foods all day long, but as part of a balanced diet, blueberries can really kick start your system.

There are literally hundreds of ideas and recipes out there for breakfast time with blueberries so there is bound to be at least a handful you like. There are, of course, the obvious ones such as fruit salad, blueberries sprinkled on your cereal and natural yoghurt sweetened with blueberries and a touch of honey. Of course, all of these choices are healthy and taste great, but you should view breakfast as an opportunity to let your imagination, and your taste buds, run wild!

Use breakfast as an opportunity to try out new recipes. For example, you could try low-fat and low sugar blueberry pancakes with a fruity blueberry sauce over the top. You don’t need to worry about leaving the sugar out because the blueberries will sweeten the mixture as well as adding a bit of zest! Simply make your usual pancake mix but leave half of the usual amount of sugar out and add 200g of blueberries instead. To compliment that, you could put a handful of blueberries in the blender along with chopped apple, raspberries, a tablespoon of honey and a cup of natural yoghurt. Blend it until the mixture is smooth and then you have your own breakfast smoothie!

The recipes above are all quick and very tasty. However, you have license to experiment. Try making some of your own breakfast concoctions and, before long, I guarantee that you will find one you like! It isn’t hard to eat a healthy breakfast if you enjoy it so board the blueberry train!

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